Personal Page

This page is a perpetually-updating work in progress! It's where I keep links, collections, and other things I like! :3

Links (in no particular order)

  • AdorkaStock | A vast collection of pose references for art!
  • WordsnStuff | Resources for writing descriptions for places/events/etc.
  • Fruit For Free | A PWYW zine about foraging for fruit in the Eastern USA!
  • Why is the Sky so Weird Today? | A PWYW pdf containing US hazards information!
  • People's CDC | "The People‚Äôs CDC is a coalition of public health practitioners, scientists, healthcare workers, educators, advocates and people from all walks of life working to reduce the harmful impacts of COVID-19."
  • LGBTQ Reads | Queer book recs, searchable by lots of diffrent categories!
  • The Beskirted Man | How to dress masculinely in a skirt!
  • Food Timeline | Timeline of what foods existed when and where in history!
  • Critical Resistance | Resources for and about prison abolition.
  • Ian's Shoelace Site | All about shoelaces! Including different knots, lacing patterns, and history!
  • Low Tech Magazine | How-to's and articles about low-tech solutions to high-tech problems.
  • Anarchy Works | Anarchy and how it could/does work.
  • Renegade Bookbinding Resources | A list of and links to resources for learning how to bind your own books!
  • Free MP3 Download | Download lots of music for free!
  • Queer Zine Archive | Archive of queer zines from the 70s to current day.